Sacred Leather – Ultimate Force (Review)

Sacred LeatherThis is the debut album from Sacred Leather, a heavy metal band from the US.

Sacred Leather play true heavy metal that’s been augmented by some thrash elements for added bite.

This is joyous, infectious stuff. How a band that exists in 2018 has managed to produce such an authentically old-school album as this I’ll never know. This could be a lost classic recently unearthed from some forgotten tape drawer.

If you like old-school, traditional metal, with soaring vocals and screaming guitar solos, then this should theoretically be right up your alley. Like an older, rawer version of Enforcer, only with equally enjoyable songwriting, Ultimate Force is a proper 80s-inspired metal release that takes no prisoners and dominates the metal landscape with its mere presence.

Each of these songs is catchy and memorable, and each has its own personality and individuality. There’s a sense of vibrant dynamics that Sacred Leather bring to these songs; it’s clear that the band members know their classic heavy metal inside out, and listening to Ultimate Force is like a shot of adrenaline.

The singer’s voice is perfectly judged and his vocals are executed with passion and the kind of high-energy delivery that many bands would kill for.

Despite how much I like this, I can easily imagine that this won’t be for everyone. It’s raw and rough, and some of the production choices will probably put some people off this. Which is a massive shame, as this is a pretty damn good listen for anyone that loves old-school heavy metal.

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