Forlet Sires – Journey Towards Ruin (Review)

Forlet SiresForlet Sires are a Swiss post-black metal band. This is their debut album.

Using black metal as a base for their dark explorations, Forlet Sires create heavy and atmospheric music that contains aspects of post-hardcore and doom in their sound.

Forlet Sires deal in raw blackened atmosphere. These tracks are emotively savage, with scything melodic leads and cascading walls of black distortion. These work effectively together, conspiring to create songs that pile on the darkness just as much as they uplift with brief moments of light amidst the gloom.

There’s a feeling of violent, dark hardcore that permeates the black metal of this malignant release. It infuses the band’s sound, lending the blackened bile they spew forth a more acerbic and emotive edge than it might otherwise have.

This also translates to the band’s singer, whose vocals consist of high-pitched screams that are halfway between traditional black metal screeches and acidic hardcore shrieks. Sharp and direct, the singer gives the performance his all, raging against the dying light and the onslaught of the night.

The distortion feels omnipresent, even though it actually isn’t. This is an album of light and shade, heaviness and mellowness, although such is the band’s mastery of their art that the dense atmospheres never let up, no matter what they’re actually playing.

These grim atmospheres are full of bleak feeling and the razor-sharp riffs are stirring and highly-charged. The band have a great capacity for producing music that somehow manages to be both haunting and affecting, despite the blackened distortion. The end part of Suffocating on Time is a perfect example of this, as the music slowly dissolves into post-metal splendour and eerie female cleans start to appear out of the murk. Also, the way that the end of this song segues seamlessly into the next track speaks volumes about the band’s sense of sequencing and flow.

Yes, this is a very well-written and massively satisfying album. I really can’t recommend this one enough.

I love releases like this; it’s hugely impressive, and one that should be played again and again and again.


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