Interview with Subliminal Fear

Subliminal Fear Logo

Subiminal Fear’s third album, Escape from Leviathan, is a highly enjoyable mix of modern metal, cybermetal and melodic groove metal, giving the listener almost 50 minutes of aural candy that is hard to ignore.

One half of the band’s vocal duo, Carmine Cristallo, (he of the sublime clean singing voice), told us all about the band’s latest creation, Escape from Leviathan…

Introduce us to Subliminal Fear!

Hello, it’s nice to talk with you all! Subliminal Fear was formed in 2002 and when we started this project we played a melodic death metal with Swedish and some metal-core influences. In the past, there are been also many changes in our line-up and this didn’t help to make grow us like band. Domenico and me, the main writers of the songs, split from the band for some years and the second album is been released in a strange situation and without stability. Fortunately we are back after some years to work together. About that first line-up, the founder members remained are Alessio, Domenico and me. When we started to talk about a new album and I back in the band, we felt many things were changed with new musical experiences and also many new influences that we wanted to include in our music. In the beginning of 2014 we felt like we were starting with a new life for the band and the new album Escape from Leviathan is the result of our evolution.

What are your influences? Name five things you’ve listened to recently that you’d recommend

As I mentioned some of them before and in our music background there are the most important Swedish melodic death metal bands like At The Gates, In Flames, Soilwork and Dark Tranquillity but to describe our present sound it’s not enough. On Escape from Leviathan we developed something more personal and we worked hard on this. In the end our sound has grown because we has grown like musicians and we need to evolve all is around us too. The sound now is modern and with many new elements and it’s exactly what we wanted to do. The most important new element is the electronic music, but you can listen also progressive or “djent” influences. Recently I would recommend to metalheads these new albums: The Fall of Hearts (Katatonia), Seven Heads Ten Horns (The Foreshadowing), Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie (Volbeat), All our Gods have Abandoned Us (Architects) and Polaris (Tesseract).

Subliminal Fear 1

Tell us about your latest release

The songwriting process of “Escape from Leviathan” started in the beginning of 2014 and it has been quite long because of many changes in the way to work and in the line-up. The mix of electronic music and extreme parts of instruments has been the base of our work in this third album and it will be also in the next one too. The guitars are different too from the past with drums and bass we tried to create a unique block and all is more groove oriented. I love to work starting from melodies and on this album we worked to put them more in evidence than in the past. The production between our own studio and the Golem Dungeon Studios with producer Giuseppe Dentamaro is been the main point of this result and we wanted to thank all people worked with us on this album!

What are some of the concepts involved in the album?

Concurrently with the music style, we changed also the topics of our lyrics. That you will find in the songs it’s not exactly a story but many stories all linked between them. “Escape from Leviathan” is a metaphor of the escape from our society. It has imagined like a primordial and evolved creature was born to devour and to scare us. The concept talks about a society that guides us and control us with new technologies or fake ideologies. Humans are not conscious of the evil they do each other and also about society and machines that control them subconsciously. There are also some references about humanity’s impossibility to govern itself. For inspiration I used also of course famous sci-fi movies but also my personal thoughts about the present society.

How did you choose the cover artwork?

We didn’t choose a cover art but we chose the artist first! We called for this work one of the best artist for us; Anton Seth Siro didn’t disappoint the expectations. All his work is great and we loved the cover realised for us from first moment. It’s obscure and very futuristic like we wanted.

Subliminal FearHow important is good album art to you?

It’s so much important for us and it has been so especially for this album. Our thought has been always to create a strong link between music and lyric concept. For “Escape from Leviathan” and also for the next albums we will try to complete the concept of music and lyrics with a strong visual image.

What’s the process you use for writing songs?

For this album, we worked in a different way than on the previous albums. Before we had a traditional approach to writing new material, jamming parts with instruments all together and finding the right structures or melodies. Now we like to create main parts and to record them before to play all together. This work can optimise parts and we can listen to songs many times and to do all changes we want till we are satisfied with the result. Our studios and technologies helped us to grow also like musicians and not only to write songs with a better quality.

What’s your favourite song on the album and why?

I must say, I really don’t have a favourite song; it’s very hard to choose when you worked on them with the same passion.

Why did you choose to cover a Talk Talk song?

About the choice of a Talk Talk song like “Living in Another World” we have some different reasons. First we wanted a 80s pop song and our buddy and co-producer Botys Beezart, that realised all synths and programming of the album, is a great fan of them. He was very happy with this song when we started to talk about to work on it. Second reason was to find a thematic song that was inside the album’s concept, and the lyrics were for me absolutely perfect. One interpretation can be the desire to live in “another world” because in our world there is something wrong.

Subliminal Fear 2

How do you think your music will progress in the future?

I like to think about this musical project like an always-mutable creature. In this album, we restarted our self again with a new sound and a new line up and we will continue on this road but I think we will work always for to reach a more personal and remarkable identity. Our fans should to wait always something new from us!

With music becoming increasingly digital in nature, what’s your take on the digital/physical debate and the current state of the music industry?

Of course we can’t choose anything about this process; the music industry is evolving in this way. We hope, like artists, the music should be protected and a resource for us and not only for big companies…

Playing live – essential or pointless?

Essential, I must confirm this! It’s amazing to see the reaction of people when you perform your own music live and to meet people that like what you have done. After a long period in the studio we are again on the road and with line up stability now we can conquer the world! (eh eh).

What are the next steps for Subliminal Fear?

Next goal is to promote Escape from Leviathan so much we can! We are planning other live dates in Italy and next year we hope to play in some other countries…Thanks for this interview and for all news about us, come on our FB page See you all guys!


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