Fetters – Sicken (Review)

FettersFetters are an industrial metal band and this is their debut release.

This is death industrial that firmly slants towards the industrial end of the spectrum. The music never lets up in its quest to spread utter darkness across the land.

Sicken is ominous and harsh, with feelings of cold dehumanisation dominating.

Due to the industrial nature of the music there’s a vague feeling of sorta-80s darkwave pop, only a particularly virulent strain that has been warped, corrupted and mutated into something nearly unrecognisable in form.

The vocals are sickened growls, infected with a slight Gothic tinge and left to rot and fester for aeons until they now sound lost and damned. For me, they’re the weakest part of this release; not that they’re awfully done, it’s more that they don’t quite live up to the standard of the music.

This is very much something to put on only when you’re in the mood for it, (at least it is for me), but it’s well-done for the most part and certainly succeeds in creating disturbing moods and atmospheres.

Check it out.


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