Deprive – Temple of the Lost Wisdom (Review)

DepriveThis is the second album from Deprive, a one-man death metal band from Spain.

This is thickly emotive death metal, forged in the fires of the 90s metal scene. This was a time when death metal was allowed to be slower and incorporate elements of doom/death to increase the atmosphere, and this is something that Temple of the Lost Wisdom does very well.

Note, however, that this is still death metal, so there are blast beats and speed deployed where they’re needed, but it’s never too long before slower, more mournful parts appear.

The guitars have a thick, heavy tone to them and they sound great. Everything seems balanced around them, making them a definite focal point in the music, to no bad effect.

The songs on this album are well-written and make the most of their 90s influences to produce music that connects with the listener. This is achieved not only through the heaviness and brutality of the songs, as you would expect from death metal, but also through emotive leads, despondent guitars and generally doom-filled atmospheres.

With enough 90s doom/death components to make itself felt on a visceral, emotional level, this is a collection of songs that excel at what they do. Dark melodies and layered melancholy are your companions as you wade through the playing time, always aware that just up ahead the music could take a more brutal turn at any point, and you’d best be prepared.

Temple of the Lost Wisdom is a quality release of old-school death metal, one that comes highly recommended for an in-depth listen.

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