Kalloused – Damn You Believer (Review)

KallousedThis is the debut release from Kalloused, a UK blackened sludge/doom band.

Kalloused have a powerfully heavy sound that they still manage to insert nuance into when the need arises. This release features a plethora of textured riffs that manage to show a certain degree of subtlety and finesse even when they’re smashing your skull in.

The band have a black metal element to their sound, but it’s more to do with the adoption of the dark and malevolent auras that are injected into the interesting riffs, rather than any firmly identifiable black metal aspect to their music.

These songs flow into each other naturally and easily, building a comprehensive tapestry of heavy music with dark intent.

The vocals are scathing screams that fit perfectly with the overall sludge approach. Mixed with the emotive riffing it makes for the kind of release that it’s so easy to just slip on over and over again until your ears start to bleed.

The UK has a fine tradition of sludge metal bands, (Raging Speedhorn, Labrat, Mistress, Sea Bastard, Slabdragger, Palehorse, Tides of Sulfur, Gutworm, Wren, Johnny Truant, Iron Monkey, Conan, Charger, etc. to name just a few off the top of my head in no particular order), and Kalloused continue this spiritual lineage with ease. Damn You Believer really is the sound of a talented and impressive band in full flow.

I very much enjoyed this. You will too, trust me. Have a listen.

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