Atomgott – Apatheia (Review)

AtomgottThis is the debut album from Atomgott, a German death metal band.

Atomgott mix together brutal/slamming death metal and deathcore to give us 29 minutes of huge riffs and heavy aggression.

The band are focused on providing the listener with a combination of speed and groove, both of which they do very effectively. Although there’s elements of the more modern deathcore/slam styles, there’s a good chunk of USDM in here too, recalling the kind of stuff that Dying Fetus do so well

The fast sections are furious and focused on pure aggressive bloodletting. No ounce of extremity has been spared and the band go in for the kill with relish and enthusiasm.

The slower, groovier parts are gloriously mosh-friendly. There’s an enjoyable bounce to these sections and the band just crush. The production on Apatheia is heavy and well-rounded, making these songs sound absolutely huge.

The singer has such a satisfyingly deep voice, it’s really good to hear. Sometimes he goes even deeper, descending into the realms of pure sickness, while at others he just growls like he’s trying to vomit his soul.

It’s very easy for bands like this to suffer from superficiality, but the thing I like about Apatheia is that the songs are well-written enough to have a bit of depth to them. The riffs may be heavy and crushing, but thought has gone into providing an emotive quality to some of them; it’s not enough to get in the way of the brutality, but it’s enough to allow these songs to have a bit more about them than the average band of this ilk.

Apatheia is an enjoyable death metal album. Whereas a lot of bands of this style offer throwaway, forgettable brutality, Atomgott deliver something a bit more by dint of quality songs and a passion for the style. I’ll be spinning this for quite a bit to come.

Highly recommended.

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