Evil Reborn – Throne of Insanity (Review)

Evil RebornEvil Reborn are a death metal band from Venezuela and this is their debut album.

Ahh, here’s the stuff; 31 minutes of heavy, chunky death metal to help you get through your day. Evil Reborn play a satisfying brand of death metal that sees them visit a few different eras, essentially resulting in some timeless, classic death metal fun for all of the family.

With muscular riffs and deep growling vocals, Throne of Insanity easily makes friends as it clubs them to death with a belligerent snarl.

There’s some good guitar-work on here, including some decent solos, and the entire band seem to know what they’re doing, really. They also have their heads screwed on straight when it comes to the songwriting too, as these tracks are well-composed and have some nice touches here and there. Evil Reborn don’t concentrate on just one particular type of death metal, instead they spread themselves around a bit, with various speeds, moods and riffs used to make up the songs.

Higher screams are used to add variety to the primarily growled assault, and these are performed well. The singer has a good voice and sounds a bit like he might chew on souls for fun.

The production on Throne of Insanity is thick and strong, much like the band’s music. Combined with the songs themselves it makes for a very gratifying listen.

Well, I’ve really enjoyed this, and Evil Reborn have impressed with their skills on Throne of Insanity. Traditional death metal fans – don’t overlook this one!


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