Urobilinemia – Wriggling Chrysalis of Metaphysical Grudge (Review)

UrobilinemiaUrobilinemia are a Japanese brutal death metal/deathgrind band. This is combination of their split with 妖神楽 (Ayakasi Kagura) and their debut EP.

Featuring a hard-to-decipher band logo and some quite striking cover artwork, the band make a good impression before you even listen to them. And once you do, all Hell breaks loose.

The songs on this release are short, brutal and technical, just what the evil doctor ordered for a brief, violent hit of the genre. But this description doesn’t do the band’s music justice really – this is entering the realms of the ultra-brutal underground, where nothing is fast or sick enough and the vocals can’t be guttural enough.

Speaking of the vocals, this is pignoise territory stuff, but thankfully just the right side of stupid; the singer uses brutally deep growls, even deeper semi-pignoise grunts and acidic screams to get his point across. His voice suits the music and before you can over-analyse it, everything is washed away in tides of brutality, blast beats and destructive riffing.

There are a couple of things that differentiate Urobilinemia from legions of other bands playing similar music. One is some of the atypical riffs that the band use. Another is the little odd things in the middle of songs and other interesting ideas that the band incorporate into their sound – these typically last less than a second or two, but it’s a nice addition to the rest of the carnage. A final thing is the use of melody in the tracks – little snatches of it here and there add colour and depth to an overwhelmingly extreme delivery.

The above aspects help to bring Urobilinemia’s output into the realms of the non-standard, successfully differentiating themselves from the brutal death metal/deathgrind hordes, and marking them out for great things in the future, I hope.

With a little bit of development in the recording department, (a band like this deserves a suitably massive production), their debut full length should be something really, really good, and I look forward to it.

Until then, we have this, and it’s very, very nice. Listen to Urobilinemia and experience their extremity.

Very highly recommended.


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