Cicatrix – Suffocated Faith (Review)

CicatrixCicatrix are a Polish deathgrind band, and this is their second album.

Featuring 10 originals and 2 covers of Dead Infection and Terrorizer songs, Cicatrix wear their influences on their collective sleeves and deliver 29 minutes of utter carnage.

This is a mix of brutal death metal and ugly grindcore. The band know how to play fast, but it’s not all about that. Taking cues from some of the punk-fuelled rage of early innovators like Napalm Death, this is more about attitude and belligerence than pure speed or aggression.

Having said that, there’s still plenty of aggression and up-tempo beatings to satisfy fans of the genre. The songs are delivered in a grinding fashion with a death metal sheen, making for some confidently-played deathgrind.

Mid-paced riffs and grinding groove accompany blasting drums and even some nice bass here and there. The band sound like they know their genre well and play their aggro-tunes in the style of the old-school grinders, less concerned with speed for the sake of it and more bothered about unleashing sickening underground mayhem on the general populace.

The singer has a deep, guttural bark that’s just the right side of pignoise, stopping just short of falling into burping territory. He certainly doesn’t sound happy though, and these short songs allow him to give vent to whatever diatribes he feels like spewing forth.

I have enjoyed this. If you’re into bands like Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror then make sure you check out Cicatrix.

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