Impure Consecration – Succumb to Impurity Fire (Review)

Impure ConsecrationThis is the latest EP from this US death metal band.

Here we have a short blast of ancient, occult death metal that reeks of the old-school and decayed corpses.

With a playing time of less than 10 minutes the band waste no time in getting down to business. These songs are mouldy examples of the atavistic art of death metal, played with the fervour of fanatics and the skill of veterans.

The music is well-written and knows what it’s doing. Blast beats and solos are used to add texture to the mid-paced assault and the band craft their riffs with the care and attention of people who have been doing this for a long time, (even though this is still a relatively new band).

The vocals are closer in delivery to black metal than death metal, with sickened rasps seemingly buried in the framework of the distorted guitars, lashing out with impunity.

Both tracks have productions that sound decades older than when they were actually laid down, but out of the two, the second track, (Apparitions of a Malevolent Spirit), sounds even more ancient and forgotten than the first, seemingly recorded in a dark, dank cellar somewhere. Both tracks are actually enhanced by this though, to be honest, and I like the rotting sound that the band has.

A convincing display of morbid worship and crushing death metal know-how. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the grim atmospheres of this short EP. Check this out.

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