Neman – The Path of Thorns (Review)

NemanNeman are a death metal band from Montenegro and this is their debut demo.

Featuring the vocalist of Hostis and Abhoth, Neman play death metal that mixes heaviness with melody.

With blast beats, rolling riffs and some heavy chugging, Thorns Entwined is the band’s opening statement and makes a good impression. Ragged, harsh vocals growl and scream over the substantial guitars, while the drums tear out underneath it all. It mixes heaviness with speed and is a good start to the short release.

Restless Mind is the next track. At just under four minutes in length it’s the longest track here and introduces more of a melodic side to the band. Additionally, we get some shouted vocals as well as the now-familiar growls. It’s much more of a melodic death metal song than the savagery of the first track, and has a nice, extended solo in it too; it starts off mournfully, but then picks up energy as it goes along. A thrash influence in the guitars helps move things to their conclusion, and overall Restless Mind is a different beast to Thorns Entwined, although it still obviously shares common ground. There’s a nice, chugging, increasingly slow ending riff too.

The third track is a short instrumental interlude. It’s called Find Peace and serves as a precursor to the final song.

In the Arms of a Grave is more melodic death metal once more, showing that the first track is slightly different stylistically than the rest of the demo. With some winding leads and thrashy riffs, In the Arms of a Grave has a bit of a NWOAHM feel to it, although with some added blast beats which is a less common aspect of the American style. The track is concise, focused and over before you know it.

As a brief taster of what Neman can do, I like what I hear. Although a little rough around the edges, this just makes the demo all the more endearing, and the short 10-minute playing time means that it’s a good fix of some solid metal.

Give this a listen, you may like what you hear.

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