Abhoth – Abhoth (Review)

AbhothAbhoth are an atmospheric death metal band from Montenegro. This is their debut EP.

Keyboards are pretty much the first thing you hear upon pressing play, alongside some nicely warm-sounding drums. Then the guitars and deep, deep growls come in and you know we’re in business.

Overall the recording is full and strong, managing to successfully come across with an old-school vibe that manages to not sound dated.

The songs are death metal that have been added to with atmospheric and keyboard enhancements, giving the band a 90s feel that also has some Gothic touches to it.

Winding guitar leads lend the band a doom/death edge in some ways. Alongside the keyboards, the pounding drums and some of the thrashier riffs, the band effectively create music that manages to deliver on both atmosphere and aggression.

The keyboards are worthy of particular mention, actually, as they are really nicely composed. They not only know when to provide subtle highlights rather than being overblown all the time, but they also work themselves up into fits of grandeur when they need to. It’s powerful stuff.

This is the kind of music that makes me nostalgic, taking me back to when this kind of thing felt so exotic and new. The fact that it isn’t any more doesn’t degrade my enjoyment of it though, as this is really good material from this rather obscure band.

Make sure you check this out.

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