The Sound That Ends Creation – We Are the Burden (Review)

The Sound That Ends CreationThis is the debut album from The Sound That Ends Creation, a one-man grindcore project from the US.

This is grindcore with a strong technical aspect that takes inspiration from many sub-genres in addition to its own, including elements of hardcore, sludge, mathcore, death metal and black metal. This, though, doesn’t really prepare you for what happens when you listen to We Are the Burden.

With 10 songs in 21 minutes, this is intense, insane, chaotic and nasty. It’s meticulous in its delivery though, and this is a controlled chaos if ever there was one. The songs advance like fast-acting viral agents, constantly mutating and spreading faster than they can be contained.

The listener never has a chance to get bored, as just when you think you have it sussed, the next song, (or part of a song), throws out something else for you to become enthralled by. I love music that’s inventive with its extremity, and We Are the Burden is exactly that.

I haven’t heard something as gloriously twisted and intricately savage as this for some time. It reminds me of the kind of stuff I was obsessed with in the early 00’s; The Sound That Ends Creation would have fit right in then. Well, kind of. Music like this doesn’t ever really fit in very well anywhere, which is all the more reason it should be championed.

This is kind of the mutant offspring of Discordance Axis, Cloud Rat, thekevorkiansolution, Labrat, The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Converge and The Red Chord. If you like any of these bands, (and you should), then get your grubby mitts on We Are the Burden as soon as you can.

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