The Dead Goats – All of Them Witches (Review)

The Dead GoatsThis is the second album from Polish death metallers The Dead Goats.

Yes yes, I’m a sucker for Swedish death metal, we know this. The Dead Goats already impressed me with their last EP, Don’t Go in the Tomb, and now they return with a full 44 minutes of material. Hurrah!

Alright, the band may not be from Sweden, but you’d definitely be forgiven for thinking they were, so authentic is the sound. The chainsaws are revved up to full volume and the macabre melodies are out in full force alongside them. The Dead Goats mean business and know what they’re doing.

In some ways there’s not a whole lot more to say about an album like this; you either dig the style or you don’t. What I will say is that All of the Witches is played with passion and enthusiasm all the way through, no matter the speed they’re playing. As I noted on the EP – there’s also a filthy punk underside to the music which I really like, channelling the rawness into worshipping the Swedish legends of yore.

With a singer that has an impressive growl and songs that are well-written, The Dead Goats have reminded me why I like them so much. If you’re into this kind of thing then I heartily recommend them. All of Them Witches is quite the rotten feast of old-school Swedish heaven.

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