Crematory Stench – Crematory Stench (Review)

Crematory StenchThis is the début EP from Crematory Stench, who are a US death metal band.

Here we have a brief 12 minutes of morbid old-school death metal. There’s no messing around here, just atavistic, brutal, ugly music.

The songs are honest and authentic hymns to all things death metal, taken from the perspective of the old-school. They rumble and crush their way around, honouring their heroes in bands like Autopsy, Dismember and Morbid Angel.

The band have a good ear for riffs; there are lots of tasty ones on this release. Although the songs do employ blast beats, they’re not slaves to them. Most of the time the band go for a mid-to-faster-paced feel, which is where the tasty riffs come in. Macabre melodies abound, and the band obviously know a thing or two about death metal.

These songs may be short, but they’re well-written and have both presence and lasting impact. As a calling card for a new band this EP does its job nicely.

This is a catchy and enjoyable little slab of grimness. These four songs are very memorable and clearly played by people with a love for the style. If you are fed up of the entire old-school thing then I can’t see this convincing you otherwise, (which is a shame as you’re missing out), but if you don’t mind music with roots older than the last couple of years then Crematory Stench are one of the better old-school death metal bands out there.

I look forward to what they do next.

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