Chalice of Suffering – For You I Die (Review)

Chalice of SufferingThis is the début album from US doom metal band Chalice of Suffering.

Across this 72 minute release Chalice of Suffering offer up their brand of misery-laden funeral doom for the delectation of listeners everywhere.

For You I Die is slow, dark and atmospheric. The songs take their time exploring different ways that depression and grief can be savoured and drawn out.

In addition to the standard instruments you would expect from a release like this, Chalice of Suffering also occasionally use flute, bagpipes and keyboards in their sound. Along with the lonesome lead guitars, this provides the band a rich tapestry of emotive melodicism from which to launch their repeated attacks on happiness and contentment.

The solos, leads and keyboards in particular work very effectively with the rhythm guitars to foster mood and feeling. It’s hard not to get drawn into the band’s web of darkness as they easily create forlorn atmospheres and conjure up vistas of sadness.

The vocals mainly consist of deathgrowls and grim, spoken word passages. Although these are performed well, they’re somewhat secondary to the emotive power of the music itself in some ways.

I enjoyed this. It’s a long album in a specific style, so you probably have to be in the mood to listen to it all in one sitting, but the effectiveness of the atmosphere that the band create is undeniable.

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