Harrower – Remembrance (Review)

HarrowerHarrower are from the US and play black metal.

Harrower play a raw form of black metal that occasionally branches out into post-metal waters.

Remembrance sounds cold and sharp, and has a lot more of a raw, underground feeling than a lot of black metal bands that also dabble in post-black metal. I think it works really well, and the sound they have suits the music perfectly.

These songs combine blackened riffs and ugly moods with more atmospheric sections and expansive, exploratory reflections. The blackened belligerence and post-metal experimentation make for good bedfellows on Remembrance. Harrower frequently switch between the two at the drop of a hat, with blasting mayhem stopping and something softer or more restrained taking up the mantle straight after, before we’re back into screaming black metal territories once more.

When the above is not happening, post-metal build/release mechanics are artfully employed to their usual good effect, creating and sustaining atmosphere until the distorted guitars and malignant screams kick in once more. Synths and other sounds play in the background, also adding to the atmospheres that the band produce.

Harrower have crafted a very enjoyable and satisfying album that successfully combines a cold, dark core with warmer, plaintive melodies and depressive atmospheres.

I highly recommend checking them out.

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