Wayfarer – World’s Blood (Review)

WayfarerWayfarer are a US black metal band and this is their third album.

In my humble opinion Wayfarer are one of the very best when it comes to atmospheric black metal. Both their debut album Children of the Iron Age and its successor Old Souls were stunning pieces of blackened art.

This latest album sees the band giving us 45 minutes of new material that’s at once in line with their previous output, while also offering up new avenues of exploration down dusty, forgotten pathways.

There’s a rougher, windswept feel to the music on World’s Blood. The band have taken their own individual source material and improved on it by making it more earthy and raw than previously. Hauntingly aggressive and bleakly beautiful, the music on World’s Blood is steeped in emotion and feeling, while still having a harshness that’s born from a deep inspiration from the natural world; red in tooth and claw.

Featuring songs that are largely long and expansive, the music breathes and unfolds with a blackened majesty that’s steeped in Americana and lost folk traditions. Wayfarer have created songs that have a depth and substance to them that’s wonderfully realised, wrought only from the finest raw materials available to them. This album is an artisan’s work, lovingly crafted and given life by people that really know how to fashion black metal with an individual feel to it.

Taking the Cascadian style of US black metal and making it their own, the richly textured melodies and soft, introspective explorations contained on this album are rounded out with a blackened darkness that’s almost tangible. The music is steeped in loss and despair in many ways, but not in a depressive manner, or in any way that could become maudlin.

World’s Blood is a flawless exemplar of atmospheric black metal played with passion, individuality, character, and real skill. This is an essential album for anyone into the style.

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