Epidemia – Leprocomio (Review)

EpidemiaThis is the second album from these Death Metallers, who hail from Ecuador.

With an album cover that screams 80s death metal, possibly with a bit of thrash mixed in, Epidemia actually reveal themselves to be much more of a brutal 90s proposition. Leprocomio is raw, ugly and mercilessly aggressive.

The songs on this 35 minute excursion into the torturelands are savage and give the listener a right old battering. When they’re not ploughing ahead at full speed, they have a rhythmic brutality that recalls something like Origin mixed with Dying Fetus, alongside an added pinch of Brujeria. At other times though, they workover the classic Cannibal Corpse/Suffocation sound.

Although the band write unashamedly brutal music, they also make room for some more laid back riffing here and there. I particularly enjoy some of slower/mid-paced riffs that just crush the life out of anyone unfortunate enough to get trapped underneath them.

The singer’s accented, jagged delivery adds yet another layer of raw harshness to the music. As he grunts and growls his way through the carnage, the musicians hack away like machines.

If you’re in the mood for some underground death metal in a 90s style, then Epidemia have got you covered. Covered in blood.

Have a listen.

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