Earth Rot – Chthonian Virtues (Review)

Earth RotEarth Rot are a Death Metal band from Australia, this is their latest EP.

This short release is a blast of stinking, fuzzed-up Death Metal. It hits like a truck and then reverses over you again and again and again.

With a gloriously filthy sound and a singer that sounds like he’s been guzzling all of the acid, Chthonian Virtues vomits forth from the speakers like it’s riding on a sea of plagued sewage water.

Sixteen minutes. Sixteen all-too-brief minutes of this gloriously nasty Death Metal is all we get. Well, they use the time wisely, and across four songs they blast, rip, tear, groove and skullfuck everything they can get their claws into. It’s majestically nasty and sounds as if Entombed got possessed by a horde of bloodthirsty daemons and went on a rampage.

It’s hard not to fall in love with something like this. It’s so short and barbed that you can’t help just wanting to listen to it again and again.

Oh yeah; the songs. They’re really damn good. And yeah; it’s got a great, dirty recording too. And the singer rules. Blah blah blah. All that really matters is how much this absolutely fucking rocks the shit out of the Death Metal style and makes most other bands look like they’re not even trying.

Bloody Hell. What an eye-opener. Earth Rot rule.

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