Visions of Atlantis – Old Routes – New Waters (Review)

Visions of AtlantisThis is the latest EP from Austrian Symphonic Power Metal band Visions of Atlantis.

This is bright and energetic music with a strong Power Metal base that the band build symphonic elements onto. It’s relentlessly upbeat and mercilessly colourful, so much so that it’s hard to dislike a band playing with this much vigour and enthusiasm. No matter how much I love the misery and darkness of most Extreme Metal, sometimes only the completely over-the-top nature of Power Metal will do.

Each of these songs is a new version of an old song, re-recorded with the band’s newest line-up, introducing their new singers to the world. As such, the tracks see male and female vocalists trading off against each other with ease. Both have clear and commanding voices and know how to turn a decent melody and phrase. It’s all quite catchy and shamelessly ostentatious.

The music is classic European-styled Power Metal with lots of sparkling solos and leads that work alongside gleaming keyboards.

Backing up all of this is a huge and impressive production that showcases the band in the absolute best light.

An enjoyably flashy and uplifting way to spend 26 minutes.

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