The Kennedy Veil – Trinity Of Falsehood (Review)

The Kennedy VeilThis is the second album of Brutal Death Metal from US band The Kennedy Veil.

This is modern state-of-the-art Death Metal blistering with aggression and serrated to the touch. They are so contemporary it almost hurts; but there is no Djent in sight nor are there any breakdowns. Instead we get pure unadulterated razor-sharp Death Metal; fresh, focused and utterly singular in its murderous intent.

Completely stripped of fat, frills and in a tip top lean fighting condition; these eleven songs tear, rip and batter all-comers into bloody heaps and then look around hungrily for the next victory.

The band are no slouches in the playing department and the songs are endlessly brutal in a very satisfying way.

Concise rhythms and relentless percussion assault the jaded mind sparking long-forgotten passions and dreams. In a slumber of Death Metal bands going through the motions the energy and vigour of a modern Death Metal group like The Kennedy Veil is exactly what is needed. If this is the future then the future is bright.

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