Decomposed – Devouring (Review)

DecomposedDecomposed are a Swedish Death Metal band.

Devouring is rooted in the Old-School and the band have a fair grasp of what makes a compelling record from back then.

Reminiscent of many from that era in Swedish Death Metal history, (Dismember, Grave, Unleashed, etc.); they pile them all into a pot, boil them alive and use the remains to create an enjoyable album of putrid riffing and foetid tones.

Decomposed take a methodical approach to their slaughter; slicing through flesh and hacking off limbs with efficiency and glee. They do take the time to smell the corpses however, as evidenced by the slower and more introspective parts of the songs.

The guitars roll and heave, while the drums smack down hard and the vocalist roars with all of his might. A passion for Death Metal is clear from the start and combined with a good ear for songwriting it makes Devouring a solid listen.

The more I listen to this the more I enjoy it. Get yourself a healthy blast of Old-School Swedish assault and listen to Decomposed.

2 thoughts on “Decomposed – Devouring (Review)”

  1. Getting I little tired of that retro-swedish hype, but I understand this is meant to be for young fans, not for me 😛 Anyway, “Abysmal Descent” is decent.

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