Mephistopheles – Sounds Of The End (Review)

MephistophelesThe first thing I have to note is how great the album cover is. Brilliant stuff.

Mephistopheles are Australian and play Technical Death Metal with interesting riffs and personality.

The instruments are clear and what they play is not your average Death Metal. Lots of ideas and playful experimentation with the genre norms are apparent in the riffs and patterns they use.

Sounds Of The End is very exploratory and guitar-based, with the guitarists seemingly searching for that perfect riff yet always being dissatisfied with what they find so they almost immediately change tack and go hunting for it elsewhere. Meanwhile the drums, bass, (yes it’s audible), and vocals rush to keep up, only by the time they’ve got there the guitars have already moved on two or three times to pastures new.

The guitars seem to jump from one place to another sometimes, always on a quest to find the next, more unusual riff or melody. A full album of this could sound messy, but they also know when to lock into a melody when the song necessitates.

The vocals are varied, going from grunts to shrieks in the space of a few seconds sometimes; matching the eclectic and diverse music. Unexpectedly for this kind of Metal we also get some spoken word and even the odd clean passage, just to keep us on our toes.

This is an elaborate and complex album that doesn’t sound like your typical Technical Death Metal band. It may be of that genre but it has more originality than most and largely succeeds in going its own way. A daunting but rewarding listen.

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