Thunderwar – Black Storm (Review)

ThunderwarThis is Thunderwar’s debut album. They are a death metal band from Poland.

After their very enjoyable and promising EP The Birth of Thunder in 2013, we now have some fresh material from Thunderwar.

Thunderwar play their death metal with a melodic edge, a slight blackened feel and a sense of grandeur that’s aided and abetted by some sterling riffs. Continue reading “Thunderwar – Black Storm (Review)”

Interview with Thunderwar

Thunderwar Logo

After listening to the rather impressive Thunderwar EP The Birth of Thunder, I thought it best to quiz the band about it and find out a little bit more…

For those that are unfamiliar with your band – introduce yourself! Give us a bit of background to Thunderwar.

Hi there!

My name’s Witold Ustapiuk and I’m the lead guitarist at Thunderwar. We play old-school Death Metal, combining the non-compromising feel of the American scene with the atmosphere of the Swedish one, adding a little Black Metal flavour to it.

Give us a bit of background to Thunderwar.

My band has a short, but turbulent history. In July 2012, we released the first single, containing the song “Eagle of Glory”, which we again placed on “The Birth of Thunder” EP, as a bonus track. After sometime we decided to change our name, due to various, more or less significant, reasons. In the beginning of 2013 we went into the studio to record our début album, but were not satisfied with the final effect of the session, so we made a a decision not to publish the material. Towards the end of 2013 we released “The Birth of Thunder” with our own means.

What are your influences?

For me, the greatest inspiration are the Heavy Metal classics. They are the ones that taught me to view the genre in a conscious way. While creating the songs I mostly get inspired by what I’m currently listening to and it doesn’t necessarily have to be Metal. Still it doesn’t mean that I want to have elements like The Devil’s Blood or Blue Öyster Cult, smuggled into Thunderwar. I try to convey a certain emotional content through my music and to introduce the listener to a certain atmosphere.

Thunderwar BandWhat are you listening to at the moment that you want to recommend?

At present, I’ve been completely blown away by the latest Inquisition album called “Obscure Verses of the Multiverse”. Consistent, mature and with an original sound. This album puts me into a metaphysical trance from the first till the last second. I’d also like to recommend bands like Tribulation and Cult of Fire.

Your first EP is very accomplished – how did the songs come about?

Thunderwar’s songs are usually created over a long stretch of time. I bring the ready riffs to our practice room, and together with the band, we work on them and get them in order. We try to get all the details perfect and think the whole arrangement through. It gives us a lot of satisfaction, since, as we can see, this system pays off. Our EP’s met with lots of enthusiasm of critics from all around the world.

Tell us a bit more about the lyrics to the songs.

Our lyrics tell mostly about ancient beliefs and religions, forbidden cosmic cults and blasphemous rituals. Using different metaphors we intend to pay homage to our gods and convey ideas, which are very important to us. For example the lyrics to the song Vimana are based upon the themes from the Hindu manuscript “Mahabharatha”.

Are you happy with how the EP ended up?

In spite of the many complications and problems connected to the finishing of the EP, I can say, that finally we did everything, within our powers, to achieve the best effect possible. Our music now, reaches to the regions we would have never thought of. We consider this a great success.

What’s next for Thunderwar?

At present we’re engrossed in the work on the record and the band’s image. Towards the end of the year, we’re going into the Hertz studio to record the full album.

In three weeks we’re supporting Obituary, and this will probably be the last show before the releasing of the record, unless of course we receive proposals to play some bigger gigs before we find the record label.


Thunderwar – The Birth of Thunder (Review)

ThunderwarThe Birth of Thunder is the first release from Polish Death Metallers Thunderwar.

This is Death Metal founded on songs and an underlying melodic edge that will do them credit in the future if they continue to hone it finely. While still undeniably heavy and raging in places, the band understand the need for subtleties in their songs and their arrangements make the best use of the guitar riffs.

There is a Thrash sensibility to the songs on this 19 minute EP which gives them a direction and focus that sets Thunderwar apart from the Death Metal pack. Each riff feels like it has a purpose in the songs, rather than being there purely to fill space until the next, better part of the track starts.

The vocal delivery is particularly accomplished; reminding of some Old-School growlers who attacked with a measured and deliberate pace. Growl is the right word too, as his vocals are like a controlled animalistic outpouring.

An impressive EP that ably shows off the skills of Thunderwar. I’m hoping that they can continue to refine whatever creative seam they are mining and that this hard work will pay off for an upcoming full album. Discover them early.