Thunderwar – The Birth of Thunder (Review)

ThunderwarThe Birth of Thunder is the first release from Polish Death Metallers Thunderwar.

This is Death Metal founded on songs and an underlying melodic edge that will do them credit in the future if they continue to hone it finely. While still undeniably heavy and raging in places, the band understand the need for subtleties in their songs and their arrangements make the best use of the guitar riffs.

There is a Thrash sensibility to the songs on this 19 minute EP which gives them a direction and focus that sets Thunderwar apart from the Death Metal pack. Each riff feels like it has a purpose in the songs, rather than being there purely to fill space until the next, better part of the track starts.

The vocal delivery is particularly accomplished; reminding of some Old-School growlers who attacked with a measured and deliberate pace. Growl is the right word too, as his vocals are like a controlled animalistic outpouring.

An impressive EP that ably shows off the skills of Thunderwar. I’m hoping that they can continue to refine whatever creative seam they are mining and that this hard work will pay off for an upcoming full album. Discover them early.

3 thoughts on “Thunderwar – The Birth of Thunder (Review)”

  1. Dismember, Bathory, Death… Reinventing the wheel, but they seem to be skilled enough. Shit, I feel so old. This is why I hate new bands that play the shit I listened to when I was in their age… 😀 Shit, shit, shit. The Bird of Thunder sounds so cool. It makes me proud they come from Poland 😉

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