The Atrocity Exhibit – Extinction Solution (Review)

The Atrocity Exhibit - Extinction SolutionThis is the third album from UK grinders The Atrocity Exhibit.

Just when you think you’ll never hear any more from this highly enjoyable grindcore wrecking crew, (their last release came out in 2013), we get a brand new album containing 19 tracks; 23 minutes of material to enjoy. Continue reading

Razor Sharp Death Blizzard – You Will Burn (Review)

Razor Sharp Death BlizzardRazor Sharp Death Blizzard are from the UK and play hardcore.

The UK seems to have such a knack for producing some of the angriest, filthiest, nastiest extreme music out there, and Razor Sharp Death Blizzard are a great addition to the wealth of talent that’s available from the country.

This is 36 minutes of hardcore punk and ugly sludge metal that recalls a good mix of Continue reading