Razor Sharp Death Blizzard – You Will Burn (Review)

Razor Sharp Death BlizzardRazor Sharp Death Blizzard are from the UK and play hardcore.

The UK seems to have such a knack for producing some of the angriest, filthiest, nastiest extreme music out there, and Razor Sharp Death Blizzard are a great addition to the wealth of talent that’s available from the country.

This is 36 minutes of hardcore punk and ugly sludge metal that recalls a good mix of UK bands like Labrat, Raging Speedhorn, Gutworm, The Atrocity Exhibit, Charger, and from outside the UK – Enabler, Converge, Poison Headache, and others, all combined and churned into a virulent mix of hatred and bile.

Like all of the aforementioned bands though, Razor Sharp Death Blizzard know how to write a song, which is the real reason why they’re so good. If these tracks just raged and destroyed, (and trust me, they do), they would be entertaining enough, but the quality of riffs and composition on You Will Burn means that there’s more longevity and depth to this music than you might expect if you’re unfamiliar with how good this kind of thing can be.

There’s also a keen emotive and melodic sensibility running through the music. Both the singer and the rest of the band prove on multiple occasions that they know the value of switching things up and keeping things fresh. This is yet another aspect of the band’s multifaceted sound that shows their real talent for this kind of music.

Razor Sharp Death Blizzard know what they’re doing, and not only have they produced a collection of songs that are lethally addictive, but they’re also surprisingly catchy as fuck. The music has a good amount of variety and different modes of attack to hold the listener’s interest too, from d-beat punk aggression to sludge dirge; whatever they do, they do it extremely well.

With a confident swagger, an army of bludgeoning riffs and a singer that screams like he’s possessed, You Will Burn is such an enjoyably harshly catchy release it’s instantly likeable. Like all of the best albums though, its instant-appeal brutality and obvious charisma masks a deeper ability to satisfy in the long-term; these songs are keepers, able to entice you back with screamed promises of aural atrocity and carnage. It would be churlish to refuse them, and possibly dangerous too.

Very, very nice. Or not; you know what I mean. Make sure you check this out and play it at full volume. Razor Sharp Death Blizzard are damn fucking good.

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