Silver Talon – Becoming a Demon (Review)

Silver Talon - Becoming a DemonThis is the debut EP/mini-album from US heavy metallers Silver Talon.

Do you remember Spellcaster? You should do – Night Hides the World was a great record. Why do I bring it up here? Only because Silver Talon features these same talented gentlemen producing some very tasty new music for us to lap up. Continue reading “Silver Talon – Becoming a Demon (Review)”

Interview with Spellcaster

Spellcaster Logo

Spellcaster’s third album Night Hides the World is a release that I’ve found so very easy to get on with. The high energy delivery, the sterling, soaring melodies, the insanely catchy songs…it all makes for an album that’s got high-repeat value and is just really, really good. Guitarist Bryce VanHoosen gave me a bit more background to the band and what makes them tick…

Tell us a bit about the background of Spellcaster

SPELLCASTER was started in 2009 as a fairly traditional speed metal band and released their debut, Under The Spell, in 2010. I joined in early 2013 after there was a fairly severe lineup shift. Tyler, our vocalist, originally played guitar, but moved to vocals after we parted ways with the original singer. I jumped on second guitar, and Colin took over on drums after the first drummer quit. We released our second album, SPELLCASTER, in 2014 and started a touring cycle for that album. We caught the attention of Prosthetic Records and signed a deal with them for our newest album, Night Hides The World, and are starting a touring cycle for that album now. Continue reading “Interview with Spellcaster”

Spellcaster – Night Hides the World (Review)

SpellcasterSpellcaster are a US heavy metal band and this is their third album.

This is traditional heavy metal with a good pinch of NWOBHM. Spellcaster have created a fiery and passionate modern take on the classic style, meaning that the band play music that’s instantly recognisable as what it is, but with an up-to-date production and youthful vigour.

This is high energy, enthuiastic stuff. There’s no Continue reading “Spellcaster – Night Hides the World (Review)”