Systemik Viølence – Anarquia-Violência (Review)

Systemik ViolenceThis is the latest EP from Systemik Viølence, a blackened hardcore punk band based in Portugal.

Brutally old-school punk is mixed with something like Darkthrone’s rawest nightmares to create short, blistering songs of dark intensity and suprising catchiness. Continue reading “Systemik Viølence – Anarquia-Violência (Review)”

Dethfox – Natural Media Teleforce (Review)

DethfoxDethfox are a Canadian band that play Punk.

This is gritty, Old-School Punk that wastes no time and feels no compunction about being resolutely anachronistic.

The songs may exist be out of their natural temporal location, but they’re curiously infectious nonetheless. There’s an honesty about them as they do what they do in a simple-yet-catchy manner.

The formula of songs like this has essentially remained unchanged for decades, but if it works then who cares? I’m not the biggest Punk fan in the world but this EP is short and sweet enough to leave me with a happy smile on my face.

Each of these songs has a decent hook and the snarled, garbled vocals may be totally illegible but they do exactly what they’re meant to do.

Music with attitude.