Systemik Viølence – Anarquia-Violência (Review)

Systemik ViolenceThis is the latest EP from Systemik Viølence, a blackened hardcore punk band based in Portugal.

Brutally old-school punk is mixed with something like Darkthrone’s rawest nightmares to create short, blistering songs of dark intensity and suprising catchiness.

This is music for people that think punk should be unfriendly, challenging, and unafraid of putting the boot in. Systemik Viølence’s music is not a nice proposition. Well, unless you like your music straight from the underground and drenched in grim, sweaty attitude, of course.

The guitars cut like knives with a frozen blackened veneer that’s nonetheless powered by frenetic hardcore energy. Each of these tracks is striking in its simplicity, yet effortless in its effectiveness. Although this is music that is probably too ugly and harsh for a lot of people, there’s a lot on offer here for people that appreciate a good ripping tune.

It helps a lot that the band know how to write a kicking song. There’s more than just aggression here, and the band throw in some good structures and a bit of melody here and there to enhance their core belligerent assault.

If you’re looking for a band that combines 80s punk with 90s black metal, and mix these two together like it’s the most (un)natural thing in the world, then you definitely need to check out Systemik Viølence.

Very enjoyable, and very well done. Highly recommended.

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