Idol Throne – The Sibylline Age (Review)

Idol Throne - The Sibylline AgeIdol Throne are a heavy metal band from the US and this is their debut album.

Combining thrash and power metal, with a touch of progressive metal, The Sybylline Age contains 61 minutes of prime metallic heft. Traditional heavy metal is augmented with thrash metal muscle, neoclassical flourishes, and power metal flair. These elements are distributed across the album to Continue reading “Idol Throne – The Sibylline Age (Review)”

Jaded Star – Realign (Review)

Jaded Star - RealignJaded Star are based in Greece and play melodic heavy metal. This is their second album.

Jaded Star play a mix of melodic heavy metal and power metal, and they do this very well. Realign is the follow up to 2015’s Memories from the Future, which I enjoyed as a particularly good example of the style. Continue reading “Jaded Star – Realign (Review)”

Eclipse – Clandestine Resurrection (Review)

EclipseThis is début album from Indian heavy metal band Eclipse.

This is melodic heavy metal played in the old-school style and backed up with bright keyboards that add some ostentation and punctuated highlights to the music’s already colourful charms.

The singer has a powerful and clear voice that soars above the music with character and passion. A good singing voice can make or break a band like this, and I’m pleased to say that there are no real issues in the vocal department. Continue reading “Eclipse – Clandestine Resurrection (Review)”

Overtures – Artifacts (Review)

OverturesOvertures are an Italian melodic Heavy Metal band and this is their fourth album.

Overtures play melodic Heavy Metal with nods to both progressive and Power Metal in their style. They know how to rock out when they need to, as well as exploring wider pastures and grander climes as appropriate.

This is an album strong in Continue reading “Overtures – Artifacts (Review)”

Jaded Star – Memories from the Future (Review)

Jaded StarJaded Star are based in Greece and play Melodic Heavy Metal. This is their début album.

Featuring former members of Iced Earth and Visions of Atlantis, you know straight away that this is going to be competently and professionally played before you even hear it.

This is modern Melodic Heavy Metal with a state-of-the-art recording and songs that are catchy and memorable. Electronic enhancements are subtle and don’t detract from the Metal core of the band.

I quite enjoyed Cast Away by Visions of Atlantis, but it suffered under the shadow of the mighty Nightwish. I never heard them after that. Fast forward 11 years and The now ex-singer of Visions of Atlantis has come into her own and the performance on Memories from the Future is faultless. She has a great voice that combines power and melody in the right amounts to bring these songs to life with anthemic vigour.

She also doesn’t play it entirely safe, as she injects more variety into these tracks than a lot of similarly-styled singers try to do. Commendable.

Musically you might expect Metal-by-numbers, but the sound, although professional, is surprisingly organic and fresh for a band within this genre. The musicianship certainly is first rate and there are enough leads and solos to provide a meaty feast but without becoming ostentatious as can be the case with some European Power Metal.

These songs are energetic bundles of hummable Metal that don’t commit the cardinal sins that a lot of bands of this style do – overly commercial, weak guitars, generic songs, etc. – Jaded Star avoid all of these by providing a much more personal take on a style that is, by now, well-worn at best.

This kind of music is never going to be innovative or new, but that’s not the point; there is, however, a much needed injection of individuality and true passion into the genre, as a lot of bands of this ilk can sound same-y and boring. I’m extremely pleased with Jaded Star though as they remind me of what I first loved about female-fronted Metal when I first started listening to it in earnest over a decade and a half ago, (gulp!).

Jaded Star have reaffirmed my love for this kind of music and I can honestly and heartily recommend Memories from the Future. Had your fill of this style? Weary of the same old stuff? Give Jaded Star a try and watch your passion re-ignite.

Jaded no more.