Overtures – Artifacts (Review)

OverturesOvertures are an Italian melodic Heavy Metal band and this is their fourth album.

Overtures play melodic Heavy Metal with nods to both progressive and Power Metal in their style. They know how to rock out when they need to, as well as exploring wider pastures and grander climes as appropriate.

This is an album strong in musicianship, as you would expect from the genre. The guitars are bright and effective, without being overly flashy. Good solos too. The bass and drums form an effective rhythm section, while the use of keyboards is as it should be; enhancing, but not overpowering.

The singer has, overall, a good voice, but could just do with a few performance tweaks here and there. It’s not important enough to ruin my enjoyment of Overtures’ music, but it could certainly do with being addressed. For me, when he’s doing full-on singing he does well; I prefer his straightforward delivery in these moments rather than his more quirky delivery in some of the other parts of these songs. A minor concern, though.

The songs are compositionally-sound, with some decent writing by a band who know their style and their audience inside out. These tracks are quite memorable and catchy in places, with stirring refrains and plenty of upbeat melodies to enjoy.

I like a good Heavy Metal album, and with Artifacts Overtures have produced quite an enjoyable feast of sugary ear-candy.

Have a listen.

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