Idol Throne – The Sibylline Age (Review)

Idol Throne - The Sibylline AgeIdol Throne are a heavy metal band from the US and this is their debut album.

Combining thrash and power metal, with a touch of progressive metal, The Sybylline Age contains 61 minutes of prime metallic heft. Traditional heavy metal is augmented with thrash metal muscle, neoclassical flourishes, and power metal flair. These elements are distributed across the album to varying degrees, with some songs or parts of songs emphasising different aspects of Idol Throne’s sound at any given time.

Idol Throne’s mix of old and new influences is well-realised and well-written. The Sibylline Age would sound quite at home at any point from the 80s to the modern day, as it takes liberally from all of these decades, yet is beholden to none. Yes, it’s obviously a classic style, but it’s delivered in such a way that it feels timeless.

The band’s melodic streak is pronounced, yet firmly embedded within a riff-heavy thrash framework. The songs are well-written, filled with shredding leads and solos, and the band know how to write a good hook. The songs are fun and engaging, with mostly the right balance struck between immediacy and depth. The band clearly know and love their material, and I can imagine many of these songs going down a treat live.

The album has a strong recording, showing off the band in their best light. The singer has a good voice, and he fits the music well. Like the music, he sounds born from both a classic era and a contemporary one.

The Sibylline Age is a strong debut from Idol Throne. It has much to offer fans of the style, and with a few refinements I look forward to hearing what they do in the future.

A recommended listen.

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