Eclipse – Clandestine Resurrection (Review)

EclipseThis is début album from Indian heavy metal band Eclipse.

This is melodic heavy metal played in the old-school style and backed up with bright keyboards that add some ostentation and punctuated highlights to the music’s already colourful charms.

The singer has a powerful and clear voice that soars above the music with character and passion. A good singing voice can make or break a band like this, and I’m pleased to say that there are no real issues in the vocal department.

Clandestine Resurrection boasts songs that are simple and effective, with enough catchy melodies and memorable choruses to make the album a firm hit.

The album has somewhat of a warts-and-all recording, which is not to say it’s bad, but it’s not ultra-polished either. This only adds to the flavour of the band though, really, and between this, the singer’s voice and the songs themselves, there’s a lot character here.

Eclipse are probably one of the more enjoyable heavy metal bands out there that you’ve never heard of. I would do the right thing and rectify that right now.

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