Eternal Black – Slow Burn Suicide (Review)

Eternal Black - Slow Burn SuicideEternal Black are a doom metal band from the US and this is their second album.

I enjoyed both 2015’s Eternal Black and 2017’s Bleed the Days, so new material from this band is no bad thing. Across 38 minutes Eternal Black bring the doom, and do so very ably. Continue reading

Eternal Black – Bleed the Days (Review)

Eternal BlackEternal Black are a doom metal band from the US and this is their debut album.

Here we have the follow up to Eternal Black’s 2015’s self-titled EP, which was a very enjoyable, albeit brief, introduction to the band. Appetite firmly whetted, Bleed the Days is now here to show that this early promise has been followed up with something more substantial. Continue reading

Eternal Black – Eternal Black (Review)

Eternal BlackThis is the début EP from US Doom/Stoner band Eternal Black.

Eternal Black play Traditional Doom Metal, (à la Saint Vitus), filtered through a filthy lens and incorporating an influence from bands like Down, Corrosion of Conformity, Orange Goblin and a touch of Eyehategod in the riffs.

The songs pass by with a pleasant rumbling and a companionable fuzzy delivery. The singer’s measured drawl is familiar enough to be enticing, but individual enough to carry off.

With decent grooves and an ear for a good riff, these three songs are over before you realise, despite each lasting about 5-6 minutes each.

A good, earthy sound that’s not too polished breathes life into the tracks, and all of the instruments are clear enough to be heard.

The songs are catchy, memorable and enjoyable. What more is there to say, really?