Eternal Black – Bleed the Days (Review)

Eternal BlackEternal Black are a doom metal band from the US and this is their debut album.

Here we have the follow up to Eternal Black’s 2015’s self-titled EP, which was a very enjoyable, albeit brief, introduction to the band. Appetite firmly whetted, Bleed the Days is now here to show that this early promise has been followed up with something more substantial.

The band’s sludgy, gritty take on traditional doom metal that was showcased on their first EP is still very much intact on their debut full length. The difference now being that there’s a lot more of it, and it’s sounding better than ever.

The gruff and rough singing style of the band’s charismatic vocalist is used to good effect throughout this release. His presence is never too far from the action, although I like the fact that the band are comfortable enough to play to the actual strengths of the music itself when they feel the need, rather on using the singer as a crutch for weak writing.

So yes, the songwriting; Eternal Black’s mastery of the style is evident form the very first track. The songs on this album are enjoyable and memorable. Weighty, both in the manner of crushing guitars as well as dark mood, these tracks demonstrate the band’s confidence and skill at what they do. Within the framework they have laid out for themselves they explore various filthy avenues and dark alleyways, always in search of a better hook or a meatier riff.

Doom metal, stoner metal, sludge metal, hard rock; various sub-genres and styles are thrown into the mix. The choicest cuts from each of these are incorporated into the songs, with Eternal Black taking everything in their stride and producing a collection of metal songs that sound unhurried, unforced, and absolutely killer.

Bleed the Days is an extremely strong and enjoyable debut album. May Eternal Black go from strength to strength!

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