Eternal Black – Slow Burn Suicide (Review)

Eternal Black - Slow Burn SuicideEternal Black are a doom metal band from the US and this is their second album.

I enjoyed both 2015’s Eternal Black and 2017’s Bleed the Days, so new material from this band is no bad thing. Across 38 minutes Eternal Black bring the doom, and do so very ably.

Eternal Black play their doom metal heavy and full of riffs. Yep, here we have some real riff-worshippers, and we’ve caught them in an act of devotion. With plenty of raw groove and fuzzy presence, these new songs kick out the jams big style, and the band’s firm grasp on rhythm and pace keeps the album moving along quite nicely.

The old-school flavour is strong with this one, and references to bands such as Pentagram and Saint Vitus wouldn’t be inappropriate, nor would more modern(ish) references to Orange Goblin and Electric Wizard. However, Eternal Black still have enough of their own personality to be worthy additions to the doom metal arena.

The songs are enjoyable and well-written, with decent hooks and many catchy riffs. There’s lots to get you moving here, and Eternal Black know their craft well enough to provide an album’s worth of satisfying material.

If you’re a fan of gritty, earthy doom metal with old-school clout, then you should certainly check this album out.

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