Eskhaton – Omegalitheos (Review)

EskhatonEskhaton are an Australian death metal band and this is their third album.

Now that’s a death metal album cover. I could look at the artwork for this for ages. Continue reading

Eskhaton – Worship Death (Review)

EskhatonThis is the latest album from Australia’s Eskhaton.

The band play Blackened Death Metal and don’t waste any time introducing the listener to their thick, filthy sound.

The reverberating vocals sound like they are being howled out of a void and the music similarly evokes images of warp storms and dimension-ripping tornadoes.

This is savage, bestial and relentless. Like some form of primeval Death Metal ritual, swathed in the occult and daring you to lock stares with it. I wonder who will blink first?

Raging guitar assaults compete with inhuman drumming which always seems just one step away from the drummer losing all control and just beating his kit into a pile of rubbish.

It’s only on the fourth track, (and title track), where we start to see the first signs of let up in the hyper-extreme blasting, with a mid-paced section easing us into the song. At least for 30 seconds or so, after which it’s back to the mayhem as chaos and unholy cacophonies are unleashed once more.

Eskhaton epitomise brutal, Extreme Metal with some lightning flashes of Blackened melody striking out from the maelstrom. Are you brave enough to risk getting caught in their way?