Eskhaton – Horracle (Review)

Eskhaton - HorracleThis is the latest EP from Australian death metallers Eskhaton.

2014’s Worship Death and 2018’s Omegalitheous were both howling, snarling slabs of blackened death metal. Bestial and savage, Horracle returns with 29 minutes of chaotic violence for listeners to become mauled by.

Eskhaton bring a level of raw ferocity to their material that is simultaneously endearing and terrifying. These songs are death metal hymns to chaos and slaughter. The bestial black metal elements provide a filthy coating of poisoned barbs, but Eskhaton’s dark heart beats only for death metal, and the music speaks strongly of this devotion.

This new material is probably the band’s most accomplished. It’s unrelentingly harsh and merciless, yet within this the songs have a level of differentiation that’s good to see. Eskhaton still cruelly destroy with blistering speed and murderous riffs, but also have deepened their ability to craft lethal atmosphere. The songwriting has improved, and amidst the carnage there’s more detail and depth than ever before. Of course, this is all relative, and Horracle is nothing if not brutal.

Horracle is visceral and punishing, and showcases Eskhaton in the best of grim lights. The barbaric blast beats, malignant rhythms, and bloodthirsty vocals all come together to produce the band’s best work so far.

Very highly recommended.

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