Descend into Despair – Opium (Review)

Descend into Despair - OpiumDescend into Despair are a Romanian doom metal band, and this is their third album.

I like Descend into Despair very much. Both 2014’s The Bearer of All Storms and 2017’s Synaptic Veil scratched that funeral doom itch quite nicely. Continue reading “Descend into Despair – Opium (Review)”

Descend into Despair – Synaptic Veil (Review)

Descend into DespairDescend into Despair are a Romanian funeral doom band and this is their second album.

2014’s colossal The Bearer of All Storms was a huge, monolithic slab of atmospheric funeral death/doom. With over 90 minutes of material, it was a weighty, substantial listen that matched its quantity with an equal amount of quality. Continue reading “Descend into Despair – Synaptic Veil (Review)”

Descend Into Despair – The Bearer Of All Storms (Review)

Descend Into DespairRomanian band Descend Into Despair have released an epic album in every sense of the word – there is 92 minutes of music here, all piled into 7 songs.

I love a good piece of album artwork, and this one is great. It’s not necessarily any reflection of the music of course, but it did make me excited to listen to this band.

The songs are long and based around slow, atmospheric funeral Doom; each track winding and rolling further down into misery. The singer espouses his existence of suffering and gloom through deep growls and haunted clean vocals.

The guitar-based melodies and riffs are slow and moving, but for me it’s the added keys and effects that are the real emotional drivers. They weave in and around the songs like ghostly dancers swaying to their own tune, adding depth and longevity to music already full of mood and feeling.

Feelings of fragile mortality and heartache infuse this album and every second is spent pulling at the heart-strings and introducing melancholy and sorrow.

This album can hold its head up high and rub shoulders with the best of them; with bands like Eye of Solitude and Descend Into Despair releasing high quality music like this the depressive funeral Doom scene will not want for leaders for some time.