Confrontation – Aggregat 4 (Review)

ConfrontationConfrontation are a Death Metal band from the Netherlands. This is their début album.

On their first EP, Fieseler Fi 103, I stated – “This is Old-School Death Metal with a malignant Doom influence. Think Swedish Death Metal meets Incantation”. That description stands so I thought I’d go the lazy route and just reproduce it here.

Here we have 42 minutes of Doom-filled Death Metal that hits the mark for both styles in many ways. The thick, heavy riffs are flattening and the deep growled vocals sound hungry enough to cause anyone to question whether getting closer is a good idea or not. It’s a great combination that leads to the songs having a very satisfying quality to them.

The pounding rhythms are as methodical and relentless as a bombardment, while the pummelling drums hit like explosions, causing aftershocks to reverberate through the ground.

The songs seem to trample the war-torn battlefields like a prowling menace, eager for the kill. The Swedish and Doom influences merge together naturally and Aggregat 4 is a fulfilling and entertaining release, all crushing guitars and eerie melodies.

I really quite enjoyed their short EP, and this full-length more than meets the expectations that I had because of it. I’m a bit of a sucker for Death Metal that has both Swedish and Doom influences, so it’s no wonder that I enjoy Confrontation so much really. However, it would all be for nothing if the quality of the songs wasn’t up to scratch, but thankfully that’s not an issue as the quality control levels on Aggregat 4 are set quite high.

Recommended for fans of slow, heavy Death Metal.

Confrontation – Fieseler Fi 103 (Review)

ConfrontationConfrontation are from the Netherlands. This is their début EP and they play Death Metal.

This is Old-School Death Metal with a malignant Doom influence. Think Swedish Death Metal meets Incantation. The recording has a bit of that Swedish tone, an evil vibe and a very tasty drum sound.

The songs are lumbering, heavy behemoths of dark destructive energy and deep, inhuman growling.

There are only three tracks on this release but each song is relatively long with the whole EP clocking in at just under 20 minutes.

What I like about this band is that they take the Swedish/Old-School sound and really ramp up the Doom side of the equation. The end of the first track, for example, is a great combination of feedback drenched slow riffing, harrowing noise and deep growls.

The band know how slowness works and how to make the most of it; atmosphere, feeling – these are important to the band. The start of the second track reinforces this as we get an eerie guitar melody over a pitch-black Doom riff and slow, crawling drums. When the vocals kick in it sounds as if Bolt Thrower have slowed down more than normal and decided to take the evil route to Death Metal.

Highly enjoyable – a hidden gem of the Metal underground.

This is an impressive EP that should be listened to by fans of both Doom and Death Metal. Be sure to check them out.