Twilight Force – At the Heart of Wintervale (Review)

Twilight Force - At the Heart of WintervaleTwilight Force are a power metal band from Sweden and this is their fourth album.

I enjoyed how gloriously over the top 2019’s Dawn of the Dragonstar was, so it’s great to hear some new material from Twilight Force. Bursting at the seams with 45 minutes of epic symphonic power metal, At the Heart of Wintervale delivers an ostentatious and lavish fantasy tale.

The band conjure immense immersive atmospheres and shred with envious skill. The combination of symphonic enrichments with strong metallic foundations makes for songs that are good sugary fun. The singer’s voice sounds better than ever and his performance is first rate. His singing flows like liquid silk and the man is so easy to listen to. Twilight Force certainly know how to write a good tune, and these tracks are full of anthemic soaring vocals, galloping guitars, and energetic displays of thrilling power metal vibrancy.

The melodies are exultant and victorious, and the orchestral aspect of Twilight Force’s power metal is rich and omnipresent. Both are woven tightly around every part of these songs, providing a luxuriant backdrop against which the band’s ornate metal tells its tale.

At the Heart of Wintervale is bright, colourful, and epic. It’s a ridiculously optimistic and vivid experience, completely at odds with the majority of what I listen to, but really scratches that Freedom Call/Rhapsody itch that little else can. Yep, I can imagine this being one of those albums that you either love or hate. However, if, like me, you have an occasional soft spot for gloriously vibrant and gleaming symphonic power metal, then this is one not to miss.

Very highly recommended.


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