Enforcer – Nostalgia (Review)

Enforcer - NostalgiaThis is the sixth album from Swedish heavy/speed metallers Enforcer.

After 2019’s enjoyable Zenith, Enforcer are now back with the 42-minute Nostalgia, which is very aptly named for such an old-school metal record.

Nostalgia is an album of short, song-focused tracks that are catchy and fun. The vast majority of the songs have a duration of around three minutes, which means there’s very little filler to be seen. Enforcer concentrate on banging out hit after metallic hit, one after the next.

This is heavy metal with a decent speed metal component, (or speed metal with a decent heavy metal component), making for songs that are lively and energetic. Enforcer clearly know what they’re doing with the style, and Nostalgia is packed with singalong anthems that should go down a storm live. Overall the album leans back to the band’s earlier roots rather than the more expansive Zenith, so here Enforcer are stripped back and lean, with only their songwriting and extravagant performances to hide behind. Not that they need to, as both are on fine form.

Nostalgia is simply a fun album to listen to. It’s basically an 80s heavy/speed metal album that’s somehow mysteriously appeared in 2023. Out of its natural environment, it simply sounds more enjoyable due to its authenticity. If you’re partial to this sort of thing, then it’s hard to go wrong with Enforcer.


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