Windswept – The Onlooker (Review)

windswept - the onlookerWindswept are a Ukrainian black metal; band and this is their second album.

Featuring members of Drudkh, this is Windswept’s follow up to 2017’s The Great Cold Steppe.

Raw and energetic, mixing elements of old and new into its bleak cauldron, The Onlooker contains 38 minutes of underground blackened darkness. Classic in feel and effective in execution, Windswept clearly know how to write this kind of material and write it well.

When compared to the band’s debut album, The Onlooker is probably rawer, faster, and more old-school than its predecessor. This is overall, I’d say, as there are still other elements at play across the playing time. It’s an easy style to digest and enjoy if you’re a fan of black metal.

The music is emotive and atmospheric, revelling in its melodic enhancements and dark, stormy moods. The band’s roots in Drudkh, (and other related bands), can be heard, but channelled into something more straightforward. This is music created from a passion for the classic style more than anything else.

A solid album of black metal that combines furious aggression with dark majestic beauty.

A recommended listen for any fan of the blackened arts.

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