Rudra – Eight Mahavidyas (Review)

Rudra - Eight MahavidyasRudra are a black/thrash metal band from Singapore. This is their tenth album.

I last caught up with Rudra on 2016’s Enemy of Duality, so it’s good to be able to see what they’re up to six years later. Eight Mahavidyas is a 58-minute folk-influenced black/death metal album that is worth getting to know, and getting to know well.

Rudra write and produce music that is richly satisfying. Eight Mahavidyas has a welcoming, organic recording that can still sound cold and aggressive when it needs to. At other times its textured atmospheres seep out of its blackened pores to hold the listener fast.

These eight songs combine traditional historical Vedic influences into a black and thrash metal hybrid. A sprinkling of death metal completes the sound. It’s a thematic record, one which makes good use of its themes to flavour the extreme metal with a variety of folk sounds, melodies, and influences.

There are some very good riffs on this album, and it’s clear that Rudra know how to skilfully construct their metal. The songs are engaging, intricate, and frequently lengthy, yet don’t feel this way; there are plenty of hooks and highlights, and the playing time flows by in a pleasant haze of dark riffs, gratifying percussion, emotive solos, atmospheric moods, hypnotic clean singing, and harsh vocals.

Eight Mahavidyas is a strong and enjoyable record. It has much to recommend itself upon first visit, but it weaves its best magic over time, as you get to know its charismatic songs. Rudra have crafted an album to spend time with.

Very highly recommended.

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