Procession of Spectres – A Vast Tomb (Review)

Procession of Spectres - A Vast TombThis is the latest EP from Irish black metallers Procession of Spectres.

Containing just two tracks, this 20-minute EP showcases Procession of Spectres’ blackened talents to great effect.

This is modern black metal fused with grim malevolence and harsh doom atmosphere. The vocals are passionate and offer a wide range of styles, and the two songs are well-crafted and realised.

The music’s is a compelling mix of expressive black metal that claims the lion’s share of the content, and moody doom, which enriches the band’s vision of extreme metal. The songs mix a variety of paces well, tapping into the slower doom-drenched side of their sound when needed, while never losing sight of their main blackened focus.

A Vast Tomb is misanthropic and atmospheric. It makes good use of emotion and melody, but it also benefits from dark and gloomy aggression alongside this. Complementing each other, these aspects of the band’s sound are spliced together seamlessly by strong songwriting and a talent for crafting long songs that immerse and absorb.

Procession of Spectres have impressed with their very enjoyable modern black metal. A Vast Tomb has caught me in its web completely, and I can’t wait to hear a full length album from this band.

Don’t miss out on this. This is premier league stuff.

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