Firtan – Marter (Review)

Firtan - MarterFirtan are a German black metal band and this is their third album.

Marter offers a 58-minute feast of expressive atmospheric black metal. Richly anointed with post-rock detail and progressive depth, this is an album of impeccable taste and commanding presence.

Marter is an atmospheric soundscape of furious aggression and majestic beauty. The affecting emotive weight of the material is paired successfully with a harsh blackened bite that’s sharp and strong; Firtan don’t neglect the fury, yet also bring tender grace and delicate thunder. There’s a core of traditional second wave black metal sitting at the heart of Marter. Firtan build on this steady base with layers of synths, violin, and acoustic guitars, to provide the listener with an engaging tapestry to explore.

The music is epic in ambition and cinematic in scope. Crafted from superior materials by a band with a clear vision for their art and the skill to realise it, these songs take the listener on a journey into remarkably textured black metal. The band’s grasp of the application of melody and the finer details of songcraft is strong, and each of these tracks boasts a level of finish that speaks volumes as to its quality.

Firtan have impressed with their grasp of blackened depth and atmospheric dynamics. Marter is an exemplary release, one which rewards multiple listens as it weaves its way into your soul.

Very highly recommended.

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