Putrescine/Kosmogyr – Desolate Tides – Split (Review)

Putrescine Kosmogyr - Desolate Tides - SplitTeaming up for this split we have US death metallers Putrescine and international black metallers Kosmogyr.

Putrescine deliver 3 songs with a duration of 17 minutes in total. Putrescine play a progressive form of dissonant death metal. The promo blurb mentions bands like Gorguts, Undeath, and Morbid Angel.

The Accursed Ones starts us off and reveals a band with a sound of their own that’s quite intriguing. The delivery is atypical and inventive. Exploratory workouts smash together with classic death metal brutality, making for a sound that is familiar enough to be welcoming, and esoteric enough to draw you in further. The strange, otherworldly atmospheric flourishes are well-realised too.

With a duration of only four minutes Secrets Beckon Sweetly is the shortest track on the split, and continues Putrescine’s strange mix of sounds, to good effect. Adrenaline-charged time changes and piercing blackened screams infect the music, and the song’s ballistic power is undeniable. I think this is my favourite track from Putrescine.

We end with Seeing the Unknown, which blends the strengths of the previous two tracks into a compelling mix of swirling atmosphere, sinister melody, monstrous growls, and brutal bludgeoning. The mournful clean vocals that are used near the latter stages of the song I especially like, (as well as the understated orchestration that finishes everything off nicely).

After that, Kosmogyr provide us with 3 songs, lasting a total of 21 minutes. Kosmogyr play shimmering post-black metal. The promo blurb mentions bands like MØL and Violet Cold.

Eschaton opens their side of the split revealing a sound that relies on emotion and atmosphere to make its mark, while also containing death metal elements that lend the music a strong, muscular bite. It’s a track that builds inexorably towards violence, and when it appears it explodes into a whirlwind of aggression. However, the music is not without beauty and light, in fact I’d argue that these aspects are central parts of the song.

We next come to the raging Ring, which is a track that’s primarily interested in driving something hard and blunt into your head as fast and as many times as it can. It’s Kosmogyr at their most brutal, yet still has time to create expressive texture within the scathing maelstrom of its being. The death growls are merciless and the screams vicious. As the darkest song here, this is probably my favourite from Kosmogyr.

The final song is Rise Towards God. This melodically-rich storm of violent intentions is both harshly aggressive and emotively bright. The song is moreish and easy to like, balancing its dual aspects well across its 6-minute running time.

Both bands have impressed on this split. Both have very individual takes on their respective genres, and despite their clear differences have more in common than it might appear at first glance. Make sure you take the time to get to know this engaging collection of tracks, as it’s a great introduction to both bands and what they’re capable of.

Very highly recommended.

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